Medicare Supplement Plans when Married, Widowed or Divorced

Very good news about the Medicare supplement plans and marriage is that your coverage will not see any changes in you or your spouse’s.  Even if you are married already or are thinking to get into wed-locks or are married no longer, these are things you ought to know:

Medicare if Married

The fact is that the Medicare supplement plans coverage does not start for both, husband and wife at one time. This is because it is not any family plan. Medicare plan is for each individual and you become eligible depending on the work history of your spouse or yourself, any one working person. The Medicare coverage of your spouse and you may does not start at one time as you have individually got enrolled, thus one of you will sign up prior to the other.

Premiums change

The Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 premiums change based on the income. As such couples do not get any special rates. Each of you will pay same amount of premium. Here are the cost details:

  • Part A Medicare covers the hospital charges. It has no cost as monthly for people who have worked and qualified for Social Security. The Medicare other parts have premiums
  • Part B outpatient medical coverage. Here the premium is based on the earnings of the couple. The more you earn, the more you pay for Medicare supplement plans each month.
  • Part C this refers to Medicare Advantage. Here the couples will pay individual premiums and so will be the copays and deductible. This is applicable even if the plan is the same. As the premium charged is separate, the additional benefits such as prescription drugs premium also needs to be paid separate.

Widowed or Divorced Medicare

People who do not qualify for Part A Medicare supplement plans based on work history, it is possible for you to qualify based on the history of your spouse’s work, despite the fact that you are widowed or divorced. In case you are divorced, you should be at least 10 years married. On turning 65 years, you can be eligible for Part A free Medicare from your former spouse, until she or he has worked for a period of 10 years at least and paid at that time for Medicare taxes. You can apply online for Medicare or through the local Social Security office starting 90 days before the month of your 65th birthday and is available even after three months after your birthday month. However, you must pay premiums for Medicare coverage other parts.